I’m A Christian and I’m Not Republican

My parents are Republicans. I don’t think they’re registered card carriers or anything like that; they won’t vote Red straight down the ticket just because. They vote their conscience and make informed decisions, those decisions just happen to almost always be Republican because of their conservative ideals.

Growing up, I legitimately thought Democrats were 1. dead wrong about everything ever and 2. probably not even Christian. I remember distinctly being at a Christian summer camp when I was in middle school and hearing one of the counselors say she was Democrat. I was genuinely appalled. I don’t remember my exact words to her, but I definitely remember saying something to that effect: “Wait. You can’t be a Christian and be a Democrat!” (young me was a pretty big jerk, and anyone who knew me then can attest to that).

I do want to clarify one thing: my parents are not the reason I thought this way. I have no recollection of them ever teaching me anything like that. It was more the very conservative circles I found myself in from being in private schools and being so heavily involved in church life. Such a large number of these people agreed with my parents so vehemently and so much more vocally that this mindset started to take a very prominent place in my head. “You’re pro-choice? You love killing babies!” “Gun control? Not in MY America!” “You voted for Obama? Thanks for helping usher in the reign of the Antichrist.”

Here’s the point I want to convey: you can love Jesus and disagree with me or anyone else on any policy issue [tweet this]. Continue reading


You Can Celebrate Christmas and Still Be a Christian

We all have that friend. The friend who hates Christmas. They’re usually pretty passionate about what they believe, and that’s a good thing! Really. What’s the point of believing something if you’re not serious about it? But this particular argument is tired. We hear it every year (usually from the same people) and it’s always juuust the right shade of degrading: “Don’t you know Christmas is a pagan holiday?!”

Here’s the thing though, it’s not. Continue reading